Enhancing Inner Communication

Enhancing Inner Communication

The inability to optimize inner communication leads to lost productivity and reduced revenue due to things like poorly executed promotions and less impactful product introductions.

"There's little room in these types of procedures for feedback mechanisms as well as sharing best practices."

Retailers frequently work better with suppliers than with their own inner organizations.

Efficient customer-centricity won't occur without improved business communication.

The inability to talk about product, inventory, and client data across channel organizations hampers retailers' ability to take maximum opportunity in the emerging multi-channel shopping happening.

Rosenblum suggests doing three things to beat these problems:

Get supervisors out on the sales floor.

Move from reactive to pre emptive ways of collaboration.


"Begin with identifying procedure inefficiencies," she writes. If there aren't formal procedures in place for intra-business communication and cooperation, you must propose a 'straw man'- process flow that is proposed. "If this can be challenged and changed, you are able to be reasonably certain the concerned sections will probably be engaged in the shift," she adds.

2. Get out store managers to the sales floor.

"The largest bang for the buck lies in enhancing shop execution." She advocates and alert-established system that keeps managers available to customers and their employees, over a method that depends solely on Internet Communicating change and e-mail -based messaging.

"To achieve enhanced new product introduction, promotion performance and an enhanced in-store customer experience, conventional means of communication and cooperation must change."

3. Move to pre-emptive modes of collaboration from reactive modes of communicating.

"The consequences of pending activities in the organization should really be predicted, and alerts ought to be sent from the other side of the business before those actions happen," she writes. "Now, e mail is no longer an efficient way to ensure that all affected parties are educated and provided with actionable alternatives. More complex dashes and presentations are required in pre emptive businesses, backed by advanced forecast engines."

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